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My dental health had reached rock bottom. No fault of anyone but myself. I was ashamed to smile, constant nagging tooth pain, only could eat certain foods and chewing food was a real challenge…

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Sometimes, a Dallas dentist is not fully capable of dealing with the specialized needs of certain clients. That is where Dallas Dentures & Implants can help. We are a professional and courteous clinic that provides all types of prosthetic and aesthetic dental improvement. We specialize in this sort of work and are able to offer services from doctors who are experts in their field at reasonable prices.

Meet the Staff of Dr. Banks’ Dallas Dentures & Implants

Because we are specialists in this type of work, we know many different techniques and approaches to tailor fit a fantastic smile for our clients. We offer a number of services that your regular oral care health professional may not, including:

Having a Dallas dentist who understands the special needs of those with tooth loss and the need for synthetic replacement is important. At Dallas Dentures & Implants, we are able to work with patients whether they have recently lost teeth, have an impending tooth loss, or have been wearing prostheses for years. For many people, we offer a solution to oral pain and uncomfortable, extensive procedures. Instead, we will work to create realistic and comfortable replacements that create a beautiful smile. If you are interested in finding out more or want to come in for a consultation, call us today.

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  1. Are you (or a loved one) too embarrassed to smile?
  2. Are you (or a loved one) too embarrassed to eat in public?
  3. Do you carry around a tube of Poligrip to keep your broken denture/partial/bridge in your mouth?
  4. Do you have some broken off teeth at the gum line that don’t hurt (but are probably infected)?
  5. Have you been overwhelmed with a huge treatment plan to fix your teeth?
  6. Do you know someone with “meth mouth”?
  7. Have your parents and brothers and sisters lost all their teeth?
  8. Have you had a lot of dental work (crowns, root canals, bridges) that have failed or broken off?
  9. Have you been told by a periodontist (gum specialist) that you need extensive gum and bone surgery to save your teeth, and you are not sure it is worth it?
  10. Do you have several loose teeth that keep you from chewing your food properly?
  11. Do you do all your chewing on your front teeth because you don’t have any back teeth?
  12. Do you sometimes swallow your food whole without chewing?
  13. Do you need a reasonable payment plan?
  14. Are you looking for a miracle?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, call Dallas Dentures & Implants today!


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