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My dental health had reached rock bottom. No fault of anyone but myself. I was ashamed to smile, constant nagging tooth pain, only could eat certain foods and chewing food was a real challenge…

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Real Stories by Real People

My dental health had reached rock bottom. No fault of anyone but myself. I was ashamed to smile, constant nagging tooth pain, only could eat certain foods and chewing food was a real challenge. For me to write this review is saying something, as the dental professionals have not been on my top ten list. My initial visit to Dr. Banks was in Mid October 2013. The primary purpose was to discuss my options. Do I sink more money into my teeth? Do I pursue the denture route? After my exam Dr. Banks and I agreed the denture route would be the more logical choice. So, I decided to go the route of dentures and a mold was made to be used for the denture construction during the initial consultation. My procedure was performed on October 24, 2013 and to my surprise the extraction process was totally painless, fast and Dr. Banks had made me aware of the possibility of discomfort. I was dreading the extraction process as would most individuals. During the same visit I was fitted with my new dentures. I know, at the same time as the extraction process, yes and all went well. The process of the gums healing (smoothing over) and final fit is a long process. I was made aware going into the process but I guess I was hoping for a faster recovery. I am not saying there is any pain involved; it is just the final fit process when the periodic adjustments are no longer needed. Dr. Banks has been totally upfront and explained what to expect from day one. He and his staff have made every effort to accommodate my phone requests for adjustments (always on the same day as requested) you don’t find that very often this day and age. In summary, I would recommend Dr. Banks for your trek into the denture world, just listen to him and ask questions. Final thoughts, I have to give Kudos to the wonderful office staff, also. -Joe P., Dallas

I began my search for a new dentist in mid 2013. I had realized that I needed extensive work on my upper teeth that included replacing a bridge and several caps. Also, I was advised that a new implant was required.

As everyone knows, replacing teeth can be rather expensive and most of the time not covered by insurance. I already have one implant so I know another implant would cost me over $3,000. Replacing a bridge would also be expensive, so I decided upper dentures may be my solution. I consulted with my old dentist, which advised me that at my current age of 51, dentures would not be an option. I had to remind myself that most of my upper back teeth were already missing and the expense to correct my current dental problems (a second time) would be rather expensive.

My search for a new dentist took me to you, Doctor Banks. After my initial consultation you told me exactly what I wanted to hear. “Dentures will resolve all your dental problems!” You immediately discussed the procedure with me, asking me to think about the amount of money I would be saving. After my second visit, I was convinced that dentures would be the route I wanted to take. You again went over the procedure, stating that my upper teeth would be removed and dentures applied on the same day with no recovery time needed. Would I be able to eat and smile without being self conscious? Yes, all my answers made me more confident – dentures were what I needed. Having “bleached” teeth was my priority, and I was giving the opportunity to pick my own shade.

My procedure was not difficult at all. After a week I was eating fine, with no difficulty talking. After 3 months, no one has suspected I am wearing dentures. Everyone notices my new big smile! Doctor Banks looked into my needs and educated me on the alternative. Thanks Doctor Banks for giving me a GREAT SMILE!

-Scott L., Dallas

I rarely gush about anything, but I just had to tell you how thrilled I am with my new smile! It’s so good that people tell me that I’m looking great, or younger, or glowing – but no one says anything about my teeth – which I think is a testament to how real they look! I couldn’t be more pleased with you and your staff. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, it made the whole experience easy on me. I’m not going to lie, I was a wreck about going to the dentist, knowing that my teeth were a disaster but you were so calm and reassuring, that I “almost” didn’t mind coming to see you. I’m including my before and after pics just to remind you of your brilliant work! Thank you, thank you, thank you! -Sherri W., Dallas
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I had a permanent complete upper bridge( in fact 3 of them) over the previous 25 years. The bridge was broken and due to tooth issues I was forced to seek alternatives as a bridge using my existing teeth was no longer an option. My choices were either Implants or Dentures. Due to my preconception that dentures were an inferior choice I started meeting with Implant specialists and was shocked at the cost. 19,000 and up. I decided to re-think dentures and met with Dr. Banks to discuss the options. I was pleased to find out the dentures can now be fitted so as to not need an adhesive to keep them secure. He very honestly described the benefits and the downside to both implants and dentures with no bias to either one. I chose to go with an affordable top denture and after two months I am very pleased with both the appearance of the denture but the incredible level of work done my he and his staff. Thank you Dr Banks!!

-G. Little



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