When you suffer edentulism, the complete loss of your natural teeth, we want to offer a replacement that can stay in place for decades to come. To do so, we will secure them with dental implants. With our team of implant dentistry experts in Dallas, TX, we can support a full smile again, once that looks and functions like a natural one.


The Dangers of Complete Tooth Loss

When we lose most or all of our teeth, this could lead to issues speaking clearly and may make you feel embarrassed to interact with others, causing harm to your overall quality of life. Your meal options become severely limited as well, and as the body stops sending calcium and phosphorus to the areas where the teeth are missing, this could mean the appearance of premature aging. Which is why you should talk to our team about tooth replacement with dentures. For a fixed and long-lasting solution, we can support a set of dentures with dental implants.

Designing Your New Dentures

Dentures replace every tooth on one or both arches, so you can obtain a complete smile again. To begin, we will take a close look at your smile and address any underlying issues, managing problems like gum disease to prevent impact failure down the road. We then extract the last teeth gently and gather detailed digital changes of the smile, which are used to design your prosthetic. We want your new teeth to look natural and reflect your facial features, restoring function to your bite and a natural appearance as well.

Support With Dental Implants

Instead of relying on suction or adhesives, we will insert multiple dental implants into your jaw, which act as new roots and stimulate the growth of jawbone structure, so you avoid an aged appearance. The prosthetic is then connected to the posts with abutments, so you have a set of prosthetics that never slip. never require removal for soaking or cleaning, and can last for excess as opposed to the handful of years removable prosthetics last. Our team can provide a new smile that looks and functions like a natural one.

If you have any questions about how our team treats advanced tooth loss with our dental implant dentures, or if you want to get started so you can enjoy a full smile in 2024 and beyond, then contact our team today to learn more.

Learn More About Implant Prosthetics With Dr. Banks

Our team wants to help you enjoy good oral health and a complete smile again with our dental implant prosthetics, which function and appear like natural teeth. Find out how we can secure a full and fixed smile by calling us at Dallas Dentures & Implants in Dallas, TX at (214) 350-2311 today! We want you to smile without hesitation again.

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