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Major tooth loss or total edentulism could mean difficulty with speech or even trouble eating your favorite foods. Which is why you need to seek treatment for your tooth loss. By supporting dentures with dental implants, our team can provide an option that lasts a lifetime. Our Dallas, TX, dental team discusses the benefits of dental implant dentures.

Removable vs. Implant Prosthetics

Removable dentures are an effective means of addressing total tooth loss. Held in place with suction and/or adhesives, they can last for about 5 years in most cases, sometimes up to ten. Due to the missing tooth roots, the body will stop sending doses of calcium and phosphorus to the smile, so the jaw breaks down over time, necessitating the replacement of your prosthetic as the jaw ridge changes shape. However, with dental implants we insert posts into the jaw that the body sees as natural root structure. The body suspends the flow of nutrients to the jaw, keeping the jaw intact and preserving your youthful facial features. As a result, your new smile can last for decades, possibly even a lifetime!

Securing Your New Smile

Our team will carefully examine the smile and then choose the best angle and positions to support the new posts. We also want to make sure your jaw can support these implant posts. If not, we could discuss grafting and sinus lift procedures. Our team will then guide the implant posts into the jaw with precision, choosing the best angles and positions to support the new teeth and stimulate jawbone growth. We then attach abutments to the post once the placement area heals and connect your denture to them. We can offer replacement options if you have a removable one that needs to be replaced, or immediate ones in which we extract the last few teeth and secure your new dentures in one visit.

The Benefits of Treating Tooth Loss

When you treat your tooth loss with dental implant dentures, then you can have a smile that looks and functions like natural teeth. You don’t need to remove them for soaking or cleaning, and they never slip when you eat or speak. They can last for years to come, and are easy to brush and floss. We will monitor them in periodic visits to ensure they continue to offer lifelike and durable results. You can eat your favorite foods again, speak clearly, and smile with confidence! If you have any questions about addressing advanced tooth loss with our dental implant dentures, then contact our team today to learn more.

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A fixed prosthetic can offer a smile that looks and functions like a natural one. To learn more about rebuilding your smile with fixed prosthetics, then contact Dallas Dentures & implants in Dallas, TX, by calling (214) 350-2311.