Dentures can address severe tooth loss and restore your smile to optimal health, function, and beauty. You can enjoy your favorite foods again, and feel better about your smile. But what if your dentures become damaged? With our team of implant dentistry experts in Dallas, TX, we can repair your damaged dental prosthetics!


Don’t Continue Wearing Damaged Dentures

When you receive removable ones, you have a prosthetic crafted from strong and durable acrylic, which can be crafted to mimic the appearance of gum tissue. There will also be a complete row of ceramic teeth, which are very durable and able to handle daily bite forces. If you have a partial, there will be an acrylic base and teeth along with metal clasps that connect to natural teeth. While these are very strong and durable, they can become damaged. When this happens, this alters the fit and could cause discomfort in your daily life and even limit your ability to speak clearly or eat a variety of foods. Don’t live with this discomfort and risk complications for your smile, talk to our team about repair!

The Repair Process

Dr. Banks has over three decades of experience in treating tooth loss with dentures and dental implants, and can provide the expertise necessary to repair your new teeth and allow you to return to your normal routine. We use an in-house lab for the design and repair process, so you don’t have to go to other locations. We know your schedule is already busy enough, we want to limit the amount of time you need to take away from work and your family. Our in-house lab and materials can allow us to provide custom repair quickly and conveniently, with results that ensure a comfortable and balanced bite, and prevent further damage to your gums or sensitive oral structures. No need to wait for them to be shipped elsewhere for repair, we complete everything onsite for you!

If you have any questions about how we repair removable full and partial dentures, or if you have a cracked or broken set of prosthetics that needs repair, then contact our team today to learn more. We want to help you continue to smile with confidence and enjoy a full and beautiful smile!

Learn More About Repairing Prosthetics With Dr. Banks

We want to help you enjoy good oral health and a full smile, which is why we offer removable and implant-secured prosthetics, both full and partial. If you have a damaged prosthetic, then we can help repair it, so you don’t need to obtain a full replacement before you would need to otherwise. Find out how we can repair your damaged prosthetics by calling us at Dallas Dentures & Implants in Dallas, TX at (214) 350-2311 today! We want you to smile without hesitation again.

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